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Lotus Climax 33
Lotus Climax 33

Lotus Climax 33


Length of the car: 22 cm.

Scale: 1:16.


1967 : The first car at the starting line was the Lotus Climax 33, as Jim Clark had driven him in 1965 and thus became world champion. Of this lotus, there were probably most variants: red with yellow stripes; green with red stripes; green with yellow stripes; silver with red stripes; red with “Gold Leaf” advertising and wide tires. A special Schmankerl starting from 1970 was the Lotus Climax with crank dynamo remote control. The faster you turned the remote control crank, the faster the car drove. A great rarity is the Lotus with a transparent body; I’ve only seen this variant on Ebay-USA so far.
There are also two body parts of different lengths. While the older version only covers half of the differential, the newer version is just above the differential. The longer body shell is found in my Lotus racing cars only in the (probably) most recent variants with the “Gold Leaf” or “Good Leaf” lettering. What the reason for the two variants, I can not say unfortunately. 
The Lotus Climax 33 was the evolution of the legendary Lotus 25 with wider tires, revised suspension and other improvements. He was equipped with a 1.5 litre Climax V8 as a drive. The engine had 16 valves and provided 210 hp at 10500 rpm.

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Weight 500 g


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